Getting older | Daily Prompt

This prompt is from The Daily Post‘s blog site where each day they provide a prompt that you can use to write about absolutely anything.

The prompt for today is: Invisible.

I caught up with on of my friends recently. She is the same age as my grandmother, but that didn’t stop us from striking up a strong friendship.

On this particular catch up, she said to me, one of the things she dislikes about getting older is how much more invisible she feels.

She said, when she goes out now, she feels like no one really sees her. People, especially younger people like me, see just another old woman. But never her, her vibrance, her lust for life, her humour. People don’t look at her and see any of that, they don’t see her beauty.

I do. She is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met, inside and out.

For me, I think that’s a reminder to look beyond what you see with your own eyes. Forget labels like “old woman.” That old woman is still a person and may have a wildly fulfilling life. Seek the inner person everyone you see, everyone you meet. Then, no one will be invisible.

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